Armada Acquisition Corp. I to acquire Rezolve Mobile Engagement Platform in $2bn deal


Our Mission

We believe the creation, delivery and servicing of financial payment products and related services for consumers and businesses is undergoing continuous evolution, which will further and dramatically develop in the years ahead. Amid an increased level of sophistication in financial technology and services, we believe that there are many potential targets within the financial technology industry that could become attractive public companies, and that many other potential targets will continue to emerge. These potential targets exhibit a diverse range of business models and growth characteristics, ranging from high-growth companies to established firms with stable revenues and strong cash flow. In addition, these businesses tend to have above-industry growth rates and would greatly benefit from access to public market capital and management’s extensive operational experience in both public and private companies. We believe our management team is well-positioned to capitalize on these trends and to identify, acquire, and manage a business in the financial technologies industry that can benefit from their operational, strategic, managerial and transaction experience, as well as their differentiated networks.

Our management team consists of
that have years of experience identifying and capitalizing on emerging technological

and secular trends across the financial technologies industry